Car Upholstery Restoration and More

Restore your car upholstery at California Collision Center in Pleasanton. Vehicle’s upholstery creates a place for relief and relaxation while driving. Whether leather, vinyl, or cloth, we like our upholstery to remain a source of comfort, and style. Keeping our upholstery in good condition could also result in a higher vehicle resale value.

Car owners need master upholsterers to take repair concerns into thoughtful consideration. When flaws begin, getting your car upholstery repaired immediately makes a tremendous difference. When left unattended, your upholstery is subject to larger imperfections.   

Car Leather Seat Repair

When stress cracks in vinyl or leather occur from vehicle age, weathering, dryness, or an accident happens, California Collision is on it! We provide car upholstery restoration and more.  Our upholsterers are experienced and know what to do immediately.

Taking matters into your own hands will create stress, and a dent in your wallet. California Collision restore car upholstery using only the finest materials, stitching and expertise, saving you frustration, time and money. From normal wear ‘n’ tear to larger holes, or rips, California Collision handles it all expertly. Seats with burn marks can be professionally repaired and dyed to look like new.

California Collision…we treat your vehicle like it’s our own!

Restored Leather Seat

Restored Leather Seat

What our customers say about California Collision upholstery repairs, “You’ll never know.”