Which auto body shop and collision repair center to go?

Choose your own auto body shop and collision repair, you’re not required to take your vehicle to where your insurance recommends.

Do you know that by California law you’re not required  to take your vehicle to the auto body shop and collision repair shop where your insurance company recommends. Your insurance will tell you to just bring your vehicle  in for an estimate or just drop off at the auto shop they recommend. They use these words to try to convince you or intimidate you to go to one of their preferred collision repair shops for one main reason…. to save them money. It’s not because that auto body shop is better or more efficient than an auto body shop and collision repair center that doesn’t have an agreement with your insurance company. It’s simply because the authorized auto body shop from your insurance company has a signed contractual agreement with your insurance to save your insurance company money by offering them a discount on the labor, parts and materials. How does this help you??? Absolutely nothing, you’ll find your self having to pay your deductible of $500-$1000 to the collision repair shop that your insurance company recommends and the shop can’t afford to help you with that portion because they have already given all the savings to your insurance company. Even if the shop wanted to help you they can’t.

You’ll also hear your insurance company tell you that they can oversee the repairs and if you have a disagreement with that shop they can get involved. The truth is folks that all collision repair shop, including auto body shops and repair centers in Pleasanton California, whether be mechanical of auto body and paint are overseen by government regulated bureau called the B.A.R (bureau of automotive repair) if you have a Wheredisagreement or complaint with that shops repair you can make a phone call to them and they’ll investigate and the claim and if they find a that you have a legitimate complaint they’ll fine the shop owner or even shut them down if the violation is severe enough.

Here at California Collision Pleasanton because we choose not to get a  into a contractual agreement with your insurance company so that we can offer our customer appreciation rebates which can help you with your deductible. We believe that if we’re going to offer any savings it’s to our loyal customers that have always come to us for there auto repair needs not the insurance company. If you hear someone say they can’t pay there deductible or there insurance company is telling them they have to go to the shop there insurance recommends please feel free to contact us and we’ll be more than glad to help them.